SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — David Ralston was the longest-tenured house speaker in the country up until his death. A tenure that dated back to 2010.

Colleagues in Savannah spoke with News 3 about him as a person and his legacy. 

“He was one of the first individuals that I met when I went up to Atlanta,” said state representative, Edna Jackson. “And he was always very kind, very direct.”

Across party lines, the message is the same Republican state Sen. Ben Watson saying there was no denying he’ll be missed by so many representing the State of Georgia.

“He’ll be sorely missed,” said Watson. “He was a strong figure, respected by all. Someone you could count on from that perspective.” 

Despite Ralston being a Republican, and Jackson a Democrat, she had nothing but kind words when it came to their working relationship.

“His office represented both Democrats and Republicans,” said Jackson. “There were no signs on the door. He was a very easy person to work with.”

Oftentimes, proving to be a true bipartisan speaker.

“Speaker Ralston was fair to all Democratic and Republican,” said Watson. “When I was in the House, Speaker Ralston who generally does not vote. As a matter of fact, I’m only aware of him voting one time.”

When asked about his successor, Jon Burns who takes the mantle come January, officials hope for a similar style. 

“And I’m hoping that he will have that open door relationship,” said Jackson “The same as Ralston did.”

“I think it will certainly be a team effort,” said Watson. “Especially initially. And I think we look forward to working with him in the Senate.”