‘I hope it doesn’t freeze’ Georgia braces for winter storm

Georgia News

Georgia officials are preparing for the possibility of ice and snow early Tuesday.

Governor Brian Kemp, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and others held a news conference  Monday morning in Atlanta to announce the weather plan.

Governor Kemp said the state will be proactive to avoid the so-called “Snowjam” of 2014 that left thousands of people stranded on highways.

“I mean, look, I hope it doesn’t freeze. I hope we don’t have any problems, but we’ve seen before when we aren’t proactive,” he said. “You have black ice. You get wrecks on the connector. I mean, it just created gridlock and chaos, quite honestly, and this week would be even worse being that it’s the Super Bowl.”

The mayor says the streets of Atlanta will be cleared to accommodate the crowds of people who are in town for the Super Bowl.

“We are also in constant contact with the NFL and coordinating events and making sure that where they are expecting fans that we are paying particular attention to that as well,” said Mayor Lance Bottoms.

A pre-treatment of roads began after rush hour and, according to the Commissioner for Georgia’s Department of Transportation, crews will be stationed to remove anything that falls as quickly as possible. 

“We will deploy our plows and spreaders to start handling any potential accumulation here in metro Atlanta or all in the 35 county area, to start trying to manage the accumulation to the extent that it exists, and behind that, to apply the sand gravel mix to keep the refreeze that has been talked about, to try to lessen the potential for black ice,” Russell McMurry, GDOT Commissioner added.

Kemp closed state offices in 35 counties on Tuesday.  

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