Look Again; the message is simple, but forgetting could be deadly. 

On Tuesday, Governor Nathan Deal and First Lady Sandra are reminding everyone to look in your backseat and never leave a child alone inside a vehicle.

Since 2010, 17 children in Georgia have died due to heat stroke after they were left inside a hot car.  Four children died in 2017 alone.

Governor Deal and the First Lady are urging parents, caregivers, bus drivers – everyone to “Look Again.”

They say it’s much more than just a campaign, it’s about saving the lives of children. Deal says people should have a heightened awareness of the dangers of leaving children unattended in vehicles.

“We’re told their body temperature rises about three to five times faster than the body temperature of an adult,” said Governor Nathan Deal.

“We carry those babies for 9 months, and the last thing we want to do is lose them to carelessness,” says First Lady of Georgia, Sandra Deal.

The First Lady says it may help to place something in the back seat, like a shoe or purse that will remind you to “Look Again.”