SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) — In his annual State of the State address, Governor Kemp prioritized funding schools. 

The Governor wants to give teachers a $2,000 salary raise

“In total we would have given hard working educators a $7000 pay raise in just 5 years.”

Governor Kemp wants a $50,000 grant for every K-12 school in the state for school security. He also wants to give a $2,000 raise for the fiscal year 2024 – for state employees and law enforcement. Governor Kemp then talked about reducing crime in the state.

“In communities across our state, gangs are recruiting our students into a life of crime and pulling them down a dark place and often leads to a prison or cemetery. I am proposing increased penalties for those trying to recruit our children. Let me be clear if you come after our children we will be coming after you.”

Another critical area is health care and expanding the state’s healthcare workforce to deal with nurse shortages.

“I am also calling for 102 residency slots through an investment of $1.7 million dollars,” Gov. Kemp said. “With these additions we will exceed the initial goal number of this program and these will be innovative solutions to bring great results.”

The Governor focused on highlighting the economy – with 4 projects that will create 20,000 new jobs and invest $17 billion in rural Georgia – just in the last year alone.