ATLANTA (AP) — Gov. Brian Kemp is suspending Georgia’s motor fuel tax for six more weeks.

The Republican Kemp signed an executive order Thursday extending the tax break through July 14.

Kemp signed a law in March that passed with broad bipartisan support suspending the state’s gas tax through May 31. But with pump prices climbing again, Kemp had signaled in recent days that he would extend the relief.

Under state law, Kemp can suspend taxes by executive order if state lawmakers ratify the action later.

Georgia’s gasoline price normally includes a state tax of 29.1 cents per gallon.

Kemp has been emphasizing his tax-cutting record as he runs for reelection.

“While President Biden continues to enforce an out-of-touch agenda with no shortage of damaging effects on everyday Americans,” the governor stated, “I’m going to respond to record-high inflation and continuing supply chain issues by empowering Georgians to keep their money in their own pockets while we keep goods flowing.”