ATLANTA (WSAV) — The latest job and unemployment numbers are out for quarter 3 for Georgia and the Peach State continues to see record low unemployment. 

Georgia’s labor commissioner said the state maintained its lowest unemployment numbers for the second consecutive month.

The Department of Labor said Georgia added nearly 16,000 jobs in July — an all-time high. 

“We just passed the CHIPS act which will have more semiconductor manufacturing in the US and the Inflation Reduction Act will invest in clean energy,” said Bharat Ramamurti, the White House’s Deputy Economic Council Director.

The state’s labor commissioner said the state is seeing openings in policing, collections, transportation, mail sorting, sales, utilities and customer service — especially seasonal jobs during the last quarter. 

“This is a general problem with labor shortage, so you have more bargaining power because we are short of laborers of all types so we have more bargaining power,” said Ray Hill, Emory University Business professor.

Over the last year, trade and transportation jobs saw the biggest growth, as well as hospitality and food services. economists say manufacturing jobs are also on the rise.

“But we are seeing it in other sectors in Georgia like leisure, hospitality, retail has bounced back,” said Ramamurti. “Across the board, we are seeing a theme that Americans are back to work with better paid than before the pandemic.”

The White House said a new labor report shows that the unemployment rate is lower than pre-pandemic levels in February 2020, with 21-states, including Georgia, have unemployment rates below 3%.

Georgia’s Department of Labor said the state’s unemployment rate, 2.8% is nearly 1% lower than the national average.