Georgia woman hopes to reunite found photos with family

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A woman who bought a projector at a Goodwill store found a treasure trove of old family photos inside it and now hopes to find the owner.

Kristie Baeumert told CNN she payed just $14.97 for the projector and discovered the slides as she was paying for the item.

The slides don’t have names or locations, but they leave behind subtle clues.

One picture of a long plane with the words “Wake Island” inscribed on the slide suggests the family may have had military ties.

The photos feature cars from the mid-to-late 1950’s that were typically owned by middle-and-upper-income families.

If the photos were taken in the United States, this was around the time of the Supreme Court’s landmark 1954 ruling that led to desegregation in schools.

Most of the children in the photos are black, but there are white children pictured with them.

And the women wore gowns, party dresses, mink and pearls while the children dressed alike and formally.

There’s not much that narrows down where the photos were taken or who donated them.

The projector’s box had just one word scribbled on it: Kansas.

Adding to the mystery, North Georgia’s Goodwill has 60 stores and almost as many donation centers.

A spokeswoman for that region told CNN they collect about 2.8 million donations a year.

And while the company tries to reconnect people with accidental donations, it doesn’t always happen easily.

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