Student who took viral photo of Georgia school says she’s getting threats from peers

Georgia News

DALLAS, Ga. (AP/CNN) — A Georgia high school has told parents in a letter that six students and three staff members tested positive for COVID-19, days after viral photos showed the school’s hallways packed with people.

The principal of North Paulding High School in a suburb west of Atlanta sent a letter Saturday to parents disclosing the positive tests.

The letter said the students and staff members were inside the school building “sometime” last week. It’s unclear whether the school district will quarantine others who may have been exposed.

The school made headlines last week when viral photos showed packed hallways and students without masks. The student who posted the photo, Hannah Watters, was initially suspended, but the punishment has since been revoked.

Now, she says she’s receiving threats.

“I feel like a lot of teachers have my back because they know how dangerous it is going to school,” Watters said. “But I know that a lot of the kids I go to school with, I’ve already gotten backlash for it. I’ve gotten threats and things like that, but I know that I’m doing the right thing and I, and it’s not going to stop me from continuing doing it, but it is concerning, especially since it’s a lot of the people I go to school with, people I’ve known for years now, that are threatening me now.”

The school’s superintendent says the school will be cleaned and disinfected before students return. He says he doesn’t think it’s possible to enforce the use of masks.

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