ATLANTA (WSAV) — Economic experts say this year’s Thanksgiving meal will cost you around $64 for a family of 10, which is up 20% thanks to inflation. 

Emory University professors looked at the largest food companies that sell traditional foods and noticed consumers still continue to buy goods at higher prices.

The Georgia Farm Bureau lists an average Thanksgiving meal for 10 people has gone up nearly $20 in just the last two years.

“The average Thanksgiving meal could cost you like $80 last year, but that’s probably going to cost you closer to $100 this year,” Emory professor Saloni Firasta Vastani said. 

A new report by Datasembly shows frozen turkey is up 11% and fresh turkey is up 19%.

“There are a number of families that have decided they don’t want turkey. They might want chicken they may want fish. Those alternatives are not going to be as expensive, those alternatives are going to be pretty much where they’ve always been, you don’t have a shortage of those kinds of meat,” Reshma Shah said.

“Stuffing makes up 69%, pie crust , whipping cream, frozen peas all up like 20 to 25%,” Vastani said.

However, The Farm Bureau said inflation is driving up food prices like pumpkins and potatoes with groceries up 12% from last year.

“I am seeing a lot of people placing orders from some of these kinds of specialty restaurants or specialty stores. And then you have another class of people that are just getting together, it’s going to be simple and like a pot luck style so one family doesn’t have to bare the cost of the entire meal,” Shah said.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a new report that shows baked goods and dairy are up 16%, meat, poultry and egg are up 8% and fruits and vegetables are up 9%.

Economists say the key to not break the bank is to make smaller portions, or order in the sides, with nearly 4 out of 10 Americans looking to order food instead of cook this Thanksgiving.