Georgia city councilman arrested after incident with mayor

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A Washington, Georgia city councilman is out on bond after being arrested Tuesday morning. Nathaniel Cullars is being charged with two counts of simple battery following an incident with the city’s mayor.

Mayor Bill DeGolian said, “This is so unfortunate. We don’t need this. It’s not necessary. It’s not us.”

Cullars paid a $3,000 bond to get out of the Wilkes County jail.

Cullars said, “GBI called me up and said, ‘Nate I got an arrest warrant for a simple battery.’ I said, ‘simple what?’ They said meet me at the sheriff’s department to take care of it, so I did.”

Cullars’ arrest stems from an incident that happened at City Hall earlier this month. Cullars is being accused of assaulting Mayor Bill deGolian during a heated discussion.

“He got both his hands and pushed me in the chest with his fingers. It wasn’t violent, nothing like that, but it was physical touching with is a battery,” said Mayor DeGolian.

“We were walking up to go into the door of the office, we side by side, he walked over the chair. I looked around to see what was going on. Next, we were standing in front of the door talking again and we was too close. And I thought about this, this is COVID, so I said Mayor you need to step back give me six feet.”

DeGolian says Cullars was upset on October 6th because he was not included in a preliminary real estate meeting.

“Then he started basically, accosting me saying why wasn’t I notified of this meeting. Why wasn’t I included, and I said well it’s not a city council meeting,” said DeGolian.

Cullars said, “If anything is going on in the city, you need to let us know so we’ll make the decisions whether we want to tend to it or not.”

DeGolian has filed an ethics complaint against Cullars. This is the second one in the last six months.

“They’ll probably ask him to resign again, and he’ll probably say no again. But that all in terms of the Washington ordinances, they don’t have a lot of teeth, that’s all you can do. We’ll see where the criminal justice system goes with this,” said DeGolian.

Cullars said, “If you’re not a man who stands up to another man and talk the issues out then something is wrong with you.”

Cullars says he has no intention to resign from his city council seat. Elections in Washington are in just a few weeks. Cullars is up for reelection.

Watch the footage from the courthouse altercation below.

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