ATLANTA (WSAV) – The abortion ban in Georgia is triggering a lot of talk in the film industry and from Georgia Senator David Perdue and his challenger former Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson.

The film industry brings just short of 100,000 jobs to Georgia, largely because of a 30% tax incentive.

At least five production companies have said they will no longer film in the state…and another said they’ll be donating profits to the ACLU of Georgia to fight the abortion ban

But on Fox and Friends, Senator David Perdue was dismissive of any concerns.

“It just shows that the rhetoric is more important than the reality,” said Sen. Perdue.

He said this is what Georgians want.

“This is not a radical right or liberal left issue here in Georgia. It’s a moral issue, and I think the people of Georgia have spoken,” said Sen. Perdue. 

But a recent statewide Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll showed that 70 percent of Georgians were against overturning Roe v. Wade. 

Perdue’s future challenger, Teresa Tomlinson, says that the emotional issue cuts across party politics.

“There is no room for government in our most private and personal decisions. Whether you’re a Democrat or Libertarian or a small government conservative, you should agree with me on that,” said Tomlinson.

She specifically cited the lack of medical evidence behind Georgia’s bill.

“They need to get out of a business of practicing medicine without a license,” Tomlinson added. “They have facts wrong, like that an ectopic pregnancy can be reimplanted and these other fallacies that are harmful to women.” 

Meanwhile Perdue has co-sponsored similar national legislation. 

The Motion Picture Association of America has said they’re waiting to see if the court overturns the legislation.