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Georgia 2018: Lieutenant Governor Candidates

Geoff Duncan and Sarah Riggs Amico are running for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia.

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle has been serving in the position since 2007.

In Georgia, the lieutenant governor is elected on a separate ticket from the state governor - which is not common in all states. The lieutenant governor serves as the 'President of the Senate' and has a great deal of influence on state policy and spending priorities.

Read a short bio of each candidate below.

Geoff Duncan - R

Geoff Duncan is a former Georgia Tech standout, who pitched six seasons in the Miami Marlins minor league system. In 2001, reconstructive shoulder surgery forced him to end his career.

He moved to the Atlanta suburbs with his wife to start a marketing company and now runs a healthcare firm.

Duncan decided to run for office in 2011. He won the seat in 2012 by 55 votes. 

His proposal to require all bar bouncers to be 21 or older – dubbed Michael's Law after the death last year of an 18-year-old bar staffer – passed last year with little opposition.

Duncan also backed legislation that allows residents or corporations to get a state tax credit for donating money to a rural hospital.

He and his wife Brooke have three sons.

Visit Duncan's website & Facebook page.

Sarah Riggs Amico - D

Sarah Riggs Amico is an Executive Chairman of the Kennesaw-based car hauling company Jack Cooper Holdings.

Riggs Amico's business employs thousands of union truckers and mechanics. She is running on a record that includes saving jobs at her company during the Great Recession. 

Riggs Amico says there is a need for increased vocational and technical training in the state's high schools and community colleges as well as better access to affordable health care.

If successful, she would be the first woman elected to the position of Lieutenant Governor and the first Democrat to win a statewide race since 2006.

She and her husband Andrea have two daughters, Ava and Sofia.

Visit Riggs Amico's website & Facebook page.

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