GBI employees resigning after taking disturbing photo with murder victim’s body

Georgia News

Two Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) employees have announced their resignations after taking a disturbing photo with the body of a murder victim.

Authorities say the photo was taken during an official medical examination in Clayton County.

According to the GBI, the employees were examining the body of Robert Page. The 77-year-old had been found dismembered inside his next door neighbor’s home in north Georgia last month after his wife reported him missing.

Clayton County Police said the suspect in this case, Christian Ponce Martinez, 25, was caught on surveillance video outside of the Page home on the night he disappeared.

Police followed a trail of blood from Page’s home to the backyard next door where they found parts of a body.

Martinez was found hiding underneath a couch in the same home. So far, detectives have not established a motive, but they believe the men had some sort of argument as Page’s home.

Investigators say Martinez had been renting a room at the home for about three months after relocating from Mexico.

Authorities say Page’s family has been notified about the disturbing photo.

Those close to Page say they are furious that the GBI employees were allowed to resign instead of being fired.

The GBI says it is now against policy for personal photos to be taken in the medical examiner’s office.

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