Fake pizza deliveryman caught on camera stealing packages in Atlanta

Georgia News

ATLANTA (CNN Newsource) – A person dressed as a pizza deliveryman has been caught on camera three times over the past couple of weeks stealing packages in Atlanta neighborhoods.

“I hope they find him and just put an end to it. I’d love to feel safe when I order things to my house again,” said Joanna Higgins, who was the first one to report the suspect to police on Oct. 8.

A camera spotted the pizza porch pirate at it again on Halloween morning about a mile and a half away from Higgins’ home.

“It’s kind of clever. You have to give it to him. He looks exactly like a pizza guy with the insulated bag,” Higgins said. “Comes up, makes sure no one’s there and just bags packages, and he’s gone in an instant.”

She says, however, that his bright blue getaway car stands out. Higgins said she’s telling everyone to look out for a blue PT Cruiser.

So far, the thief hasn’t quite hit the jackpot. Victims say he ended up with shampoo, dog food and other minor things.

Atlanta police are looking into leads, but neighbors say they hope the thief is caught before something significant is stolen.

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