ATLANTA (WSAV) — Georgia will get 12 million dollars in federal grants to invest in the state’s airport infrastructure. 

The FAA awarded the grant to Georgias’ Department Of Transportation.

$12 million in federal funds will help the Peach State to improve airport drainage, erosion control and fix runways due to wear and tear.

“When we upgrade our airports and improve our roads that is a win for everyone. Democrats, Republicans and Independents will use those airports and I am glad we were able to get that done,” Senator Warnock said. 

The funds will come from the bipartisan infrastructure law and will fund 4 airports including Savannah, Canton, Thomasville and Gainesville to bolster the state’s aviation. 

“This is a prime example of how everyone wins when we center people over politics.  I am glad we passed the bipartisan law for $12 million in funding for airports all across Georgia.”

Senator Jon Ossoff says it will help improve airport efficiency and passenger safety. Senator Warnock says this will invest in Georgia’s workers and aviation infrastructure.

“As we pass the FAA reauthorization and a member of the Commerce Committee, I will fight to get everything for the people of Georgia.”

Lawmakers say this is in addition to the $3.4 million invested in rural and regional aviation.   

Just last year, georgia received more than $13 million to update nine airports including Augusta Regional and Columbus Airport, and six million for Savannah’s Airport.