Close Call: Texas’ mascot Bevo charges after Georgia’s Uga before Sugar Bowl

Georgia News

New Orleans, La. — The trouble started early for the Georgia Bulldogs in Tuesday’s Sugar Bowl against the Texas Longhorns.
In an attempted pre-game photo op with the live mascots, there was nearly a disaster.
Nothing says “good idea” like getting a 1,600-pound steer and a 60-pound English bulldog together for a picture.
It got scary when Texas’ Bevo suddenly knocked down the metal barriers surrounding him and charged towards Georgia’s Uga.  
Uga and several bystanders scattered before handlers pulled back the steer.
Thankfully no animals or people were hurt.
Bevo #15 is in his third year of service on the Longhorns’ sideline and will turn 4-years-old this month.
In hindsight, this might’ve been a sign of things to come. Texas beats Georgia 28-21.

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