‘CJ’s Law’ bill would increase prison time for hit-and-runs in Georgia

Georgia News

Lawmakers are pushing for tougher sentences for hit and run drivers in the Peach State. The bill, nicknamed CJ’s Law, was named after a person who was killed in a hit-and-run.

Right now, the charge carries a maximum five-year sentence. This bill would increase that to 10 years.

The legislation is widely supported by Georgia district attorneys. Family members of the bill’s namesake say if it becomes a law, lives will be saved but it’s too late for their loved one.
Marcus Coleman, CJ’s cousin. said, “The first one left in him in the road, broken limbs, unconscious. (Then he was) run over literally by a truck towing a boat.”

Senator Elena Parent (D) of Georgia explained, “The driver fled, they didn’t call 911, they didn’t stop and try to help and because of that, someone else hit him and he died.”

The bill is now on its way to Governor Kemp’s desk. He ultimately decides if it is signed into law. 

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