BULLOCH COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — Bulloch County Schools is putting the finishing touches on the design for their new two-story high school, which will house double the number of students they originally expected.

With the Hyundai plant set for completion in 2025, Bulloch County is preparing for a massive move-in.

“With the rapid growth we expect to see and are likely to see on this side of the county, we knew we needed to plan for the future,” said Superintendent Charles Wilson.

That’s why they’ve scrapped their original plan for a new Southeast Bulloch High School and are looking at designs twice the size.

“What’s important here is to maintain that small school feel for the students so that they’re not overwhelmed by the larger school and get lost in the school,” said Wilson.

The school would house 2500-3000 students. The snag – the state only funds school construction based on average population growth, not the unprecedented growth that’s expected from the Hyundai plant.

“We have to watch every dollar we’re spending but at the same time trying to make sure we don’t cut corners so we can provide something for the future to build around,” said Wilson.

The county has some state funding they’ve saved up for a decade. The rest of the bill will be paid from local taxes. Wilson says they’ll be talking with state legislators about what they can do.

The high school’s construction is still at least four years out. They say when it’s complete they’ll start phasing in middle schoolers into the old high school.