7 attacks traced to Georgia serial rapist, police say

Georgia News

Georgia authorities say they are dealing with a serial rapist accused of attacking seven women.

The suspect is said to have raped six women within two years and was linked to another attack from over the weekend.

Some victims say authorities are not doing enough to catch the suspect.

“I think that should have been done the first time it happened he probably would have been caught then,” said one victim of the added patrols and flyers being passed around Clayton County.

Another woman says she was attacked in her apartment last October and police have ignored her since.

Authorities say that they could not release any details due to the sensitive nature of the cases. But they have announced they are engaging the public and offering safety tips after the suspect attacked a woman Saturday.

“We’re just making people aware of what’s going on around the neighborhood,” said one officer passing out flyers. “Be careful okay?”

Police are hoping someone has seen him or knows something about his identity. They plan to provide more information about the case on Friday.

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