SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Georgia democrats on Wednesday made it clear they didn’t think much of President Trump’s planned visit that afternoon to Atlanta’s airport to make an announcement regarding infrastructure.

Georgia Democratic Party Chair Nikema Williams who is also a state senator said it troubling that he was seemingly ignoring the COVID 19 crisis in the state.

“Families are suffering and thanks to Donald Trump’s mishandling of this crisis we can only expect the impacts to get worse,” she aid via a Zoom press conference.

Williams pointed to the fact that as of Wednesday morning, nearly 3,000 people in Georgia have died of COVID 19 which is disproportionately affecting Blacks and Latinos in terms of complications from the virus and the economic fallout.

“While our people are continuing to suffer, today Donald Trump is coming back in our state not to checkon our sick or our vulnerable but for yet another infrastructure week,” said Williams.

Democrats say the president can’t make things look better by talking about something else.

“In the midst of this public health crisis we are also watching an economic collapse,” said Stacey Abrams, the founder of Fair Fight Georgia and a former candidate for governor.

Unemployment in Georgia is nearly 10 percent.

Savannah Mayor Van Johnson also joined the press conference saying cities need leadership from the federal government as well as the state. He called President Trump’s visit a ploy and told Georgians not to fall for it.

“So today’s ‘political stunt’ and I’m glad the president has Georgia on his mind but he has it on his mind for the wrong reasons,” said Johnson.

Johnson says because of a lack of direction on the virus that cities have been left to handle the health crisis on their own.

Georgia Senator David Perdue defended the Administration’s handling of the pandemic Wednesday as he appeared on Bloomberg News. “We also created about 7,000.000 news jobs in the last two months, the economy as we begin reopening is creating jobs right now. If that were to continue, we’ll be digging out of this situation sooner than later,” said Perdue.

Later Wednesday afternoon, Perdue accompanied President Trump to Atlanta.

Mayor Johnson disagreed with Perdue’s assessment saying “businesses across the country have closed for good and Black and Latino small businesses are making up a disproportionate number of those closures. It’s not a success, it is an absolute catastrophe,” said Johnson.

Johnson, Abrams and Williams all indicated that they were pushing for people to vote for Joe Biden in November.