Ft. Stewart holds vigil for soldier killed on New Year’s Eve

Local News

A memorial service was held Thursday at Fort Stewart in honor of U.S Army Sargeant Tyrone Hassel, III.

Investigators say around 11 p.m., on New Year’s Eve, active U.S. Army Sergeant,  23-year-old, Tyrone Hassel III, was shot and killed outside his father’s home in St. Joseph Township, Michigan.

Hassel’s 22-year-old wife Kemia, also an active duty soldier and one-year-old baby were spending the holidays with his family. Family time was cut short when Hassel returned home with food for his wife. When he went back to his car investigators say 24-year-old Jeremy Cuellar, also an active duty soldier, allegedly shot Hassel leaving him for dead.

Now the Hassel family is left looking for answers.

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