From taxes to fees, Chatham Co. commissioners weigh options for fire services

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A change in fire services in unincorporated parts of Chatham County could mean a fee or tax for residents down the road.

The Chatham County Board of County Commissioners on Friday held its second workshop on possibly taking over county fire services.

Figuring out a new plan won’t be an easy task, with nine providers in the unincorporated areas. All of them are funded through subscriptions paid by residents and businesses that use their services.

But some providers say too often, people are opting out of paying; they want the county to step in and enforce it.

Commissioners have six options in front of them, from leaving things, essentially, as they are to establishing a county enforced tax based on property value or a flat fee. Whatever they choose, they’ll likely need to enter into contracts with each provider.

Many of the details on the county’s options still need to be figured out. The new board will get some guidance in January once a survey sent out to residents is completed and analyzed.

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