From ‘debilitating’ COVID-19 to climbing Kilimanjaro

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — An inspiring story from a part-time Savannahian, who went from battling COVID-19 to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

“For one to two months, I was on and off my deathbed essentially,” says Lindee Daniel.

Daniel contracted COVID-19 early on in the pandemic and she says the symptoms –

“Really kept me bedridden and isolated and debilitated for a good three months,” Daniel said.

Daniel suffered from what we now know as long-haul COVID.

“I was like oh my god I might actually lose my sister to, to COVID,” says, Lindee’s sister, Shanda Renee.

The lingering side effects impacted her life daily.

“It was a daily battle of trying to breath, trying to get out of bed, getting to the bathroom or the kitchen was a challenge,” Daniel said.

But after a long and slow recovery, Daniel decided to take on another uphill battle – climbing the highest peak on the continent of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro.

“I never wanted to climb Kilimanjaro. Most people say ‘oh that’s been on my bucket list’ and my joke is, that was never on any list of mine,” says Daniel.

From COVID to Kilimanjaro – the odds didn’t seem to be in Daniel’s favor.

“I thought, no way I am not going to go climb Mount Kilimanjaro, I can’t even breath well this is crazy,” Daniel said.

But Daniel says she found a reason to climb that helped her push through.

“I got the notion, I can do this as a fundraiser,” Daniel said.

Daniel says she wanted to support a cause near to her heart.

“These kids would not have an opportunity to go to school if it weren’t for people coming together and providing the means for a school,” Daniel said.

Daniel teamed up with two other women and began documenting her journey to Kilimanjaro to raise donations for an underserved school on a remote island in Lake Victoria, Uganda.

“My why definitely was those kids,” says Daniel.

Still, Daniel’s journey up the mountain wasn’t easy.

“As we increased in altitude, my breathing became again, almost impossible and I collapsed many times, not sure if I could carry on,” Daniel said.

But in the end, Daniel made it.

“I did it, I reached the summit,” Daniel says emotionally.

Daniel says she and her team helped raise roughly 20,000 dollars for the Island School in Uganda.

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