SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Forsyth Farmer’s Market has announced a Capital Campaign to raise $150,000 for a new Farm Truck. The old truck is being retired as it has become unreliable. According to the Executive Director for the market, Jeb Bush, the parts for the old truck — which was built in 1999 — have become expensive and hard to find.

“We had a breakdown last summer and we were out for over two weeks,” Bush said.

It took time to find the part and then when it was eventually found, they had to get it shipped from Colorado to Savannah. Bush said that this wasn’t just unsustainable, it was detrimental to the communities they serve.

“This means there are people that no longer have access to fresh produce,” He explained. “That’s just really unacceptable”

There were two options. They could continue to struggle with finding parts every time the original truck broke down or they could raise money for something better.

“We decided the best course of action was to purchase a new truck,” Bush said.

With the help of several donors, the market has already raised over $94,000 of the $150,000 for the new truck. They also just received a $7,500 grant from local State Farm agents to assist them in reaching their goal. Still, there is more fundraising to do before they will be able to replace their old truck, affectionately known as “Juicy.”  

There are multiple ways that you can help with this campaign and with the building of the new truck. The first is to donate directly by visiting the market, mailing a check, or going online here. The second is to participate in the truck design competition. The final way is to contribute to the contest that will help determine the name of the new truck. More information about the competition can be found here and the contest can be found here.

Founded in 2009, the Forsyth Farmer’s Market started with a two-part mission. The first part: help farmers. The second? To improve food access. Originally, this only included the Saturday farmer’s market which not only accepts but doubles SNAP benefits.

Soon, the people running the market realized that Saturdays weren’t enough. There needed to be something more to help with places where people could not get access to fresh produce like neighborhoods that did not a nearby grocery store. So, the early leaders of the market came up with an idea: Farm Truck 912.

With this truck, they would be able to drive into parts of the community to help provide the services that the market provided every Saturday.

“The farm truck removes both the physical and financial barriers to fresh produce,” Bush said.

For more information about the Forsyth Farmer’s Market, you can check out their website here.