Former President Jimmy Carter speaks to congregation about health

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Former President Jimmy Carter returned to teaching Sunday School at his church in Plains, Georgia three weeks after breaking his hip.

Mr. Carter spoke to his congregation about his health and also the health of his wife.

“Rosalynn broke her hip because of Osteoporosis 3 weeks before I did, and she was in the hospital. I was with her.  Then, I broke my hip, and I was waiting for Rose to come pick me up and I got a telephone call while I was waiting at the hospital, and they said Rosalynn’s had a stroke, and she can’t speak.  And I almost fainted. But, it turns out that it was a TIA, many of you know what it is, it’s a temporary, inability, and so after two days in the hospital we came home, and we’ve been home ever since.” says Former President Jimmy Carter.

Carter says he and his wife are doing fine now.  They have nursing care around the clock.


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