HAMPTON COUNTY, S.C. (WSAV) – The former CEO of Palmetto State Bank has been put on notice that a lawsuit involving him is on the way.

Russell Laffitte was removed from his position as CEO last year after his involvement in the Alex Murdaugh fraud case and his connection to victims was brought forward.

Now the family of Hakeem Pinckney has filed documents in Hampton County Court saying “a civil action will be commenced, and a complaint filed, not more than 20 days from today in the Hampton County Court of Common Pleas and United States District Court for the District of South Carolina.”

That is the first line of a lis pendens document filed by the family, which is designed to put a hold on four properties owned by Laffite. The goal is to block him from selling or transferring any of those properties and keeping them out of any potential civil judgment or settlement.

Murdaugh was Pinckney’s lawyer after a 2009 crash crash left the man, who was already deaf, paralyzed as well. He also represented Natarsha Thomas, Pinckney’s cousin and his mother Pamela Pinckney, who were injured in the crash as well.

Alex Murdaugh

Murdaugh and the lawyer he recommended to them, Corey Fleming, have been criminally charged with stealing nearly $800,000 in insurance money due to them after the crash.

Laffitte served as a conservator for the Pinckney’s money and allegedly collected thousands in fees for the legal work he did.

Corey Fleming is facing a variety of criminal charges for his role in Murdaugh’s alleged schemes

The Pinckney family attorney Justin Bamberg has said he is planning to file a lawsuit on behalf of the Pinckneys against Laffitte, Murdaugh, Fleming and Fleming’s former law firm, Moss Kuhn and Fleming, now known as Moss and Kuhn.

Bamberg says Murdaugh’s former law firm, PMPED, now the Parker Law Group, has reimbursed missing funds to the Pinckney family.

Palmetto State Bank has not reimbursed the family.