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Two weeks ago, a 9-year-old boy who saved his family from their burning home in Eden.

Soon as he noticed the fire happened he went to go grab mom and his sister to let them know it was a fire, Father, Eric Castellanos said.

They all made it out safely. Their home is a total loss. Fire investigators say the fire started with matches or a lighter. While Eric Castellanos and his family are trying to pick up the pieces neighbors are busy running off looters.

They saw some of the kids going inside the house a time or two. And they have told them, ‘Hey I don’t need you to be stopping here…I came in this morning …and as soon as I walked in I noticed that the dining room table and the chairs were missing, Castellanos said.

They’re currently in the process of salvaging things. Castellanos says he isn’t upset about the belongings, he’s worried about safety. It’s not safe. there‘s a lot of stuff that could be falling off the roof. there‘s a lot of tripping hazards.

Which prompted him to put up a  no trespassing sign on the property. It really annoys me that you know that have been trying to take advantage of the situation, he said.

But not everyone. Castellanos says family, friends, teachers, and neighbors are all lending a helping hand with the day to day necessities.

It’s incredibly surreal but it’s also humbling that there are so many good people out there that are willing to lend a hand, Castellanos said.

Eric tells News 3 his insurance company has provided them with shelter. They are expecting to move into a new apartment soon in the coming weeks.

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