BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WSAV) — Jacob Kits, designed to help save lives in an emergency, are now on their way to every school in Beaufort County.

Wednesday First Responders from around the County joined forces at Beaufort County Schoolboard offices to answer a different kind of call, putting together every one of the more than 2,800 Jacob Kits.

“It doesn’t matter what department we work we are here for everybody,” said Virginia Marshall of Beaufort County EMS.

Hundreds of small red bags all with one big job, protecting our kids.

Dozens of first responders from Burton Fire, Beaufort Fire, Hilton Head Fire, Lady’s Island Fire, and Beaufort County EMS all worked as one to put together these stop the bleed kits for every classroom and office in the school district.

“There are gloves people can use to protect themselves, there is gauze for bleeding and there are also tunicates,” explained Marshall.

The kits were created by Cpt. Daniel Byrne a Burton firefighter and his wife, a teacher as the tragedies in schools mounted.

They wanted to make sure kids they knew, including their own, had an extra layer of protection in case of a school shooting.

But these kits can be used in any emergency, from a cut to a break. Teachers and staff will get training in how to use them, which could benefit not just the school but the community.

“It means just another layer of immediate support for our students and stakeholders in the building,” said Geri Henderson, Crisis Prevention Coordinator for Beaufort County Schools. “In cases, whether it is cutting your hand, or falling or fracturing, or some minor incident or even major those kits will be in every office space and classroom in our district.”

These men and women usually out in the field are answering a different type of call on this day, to stand, to work, to make sure every kit is correct. So every child in our area can be a little bit safer.

“You want to look out, it takes a tribe to raise the kids,” explains Lt. Nick D’Angelo of the Burton Fire Department. “And this is what it’s about. Having everyone together for a cause like this and to be prepared. With the hope, that they never have to be used.”

Preparing for the worst so kids throughout the area can be their best.

“It will be in my kids’ classroom,” smiles D’Angelo. “We just got done with their school. And I’m proud to be a part of it.”

All schools will start getting the deliveries of their Jacob Kits starting tomorrow. Teachers and staff will then be trained to use what’s inside and all kits will be in place starting next week.