LIBERTY COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — Multiple wildfires are burning on St. Catherine’s Island, a roughly 14,000-acre uninhabited sea island in Liberty County.

According to the Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC), the fires have been burning since June 10, caused by multiple lightning strikes. They’ve now grown to an estimated 800- to 1,000-acre blaze.

GFC said it has contained about 50% of the flames. WSAV News 3 is told that at this point, there is no threat to public safety.

Video provided by Linda Dunn Lennane

“Dry conditions and large amounts of dead and down timber are making suppression efforts difficult,” said Wendy Burnett, GFC’s director of public relations.

“We are trying to preserve areas of archeological and cultural importance, which complicates our suppression efforts further,” Burnett added.

GFC expects the fire will burn for some time until the area sees significant rainfall. In the meantime, the commission is using natural firebreaks, including streams, where possible to slow the progress of the fire.

“Extreme drought conditions. what happens in that occurrence not only do you have the potential for any fire falling in a fuse to ignite and start a forest fire you also have the problem where it is very hard to stop and contain,” said Byron Haire, GFC Fire Management Officer.

Burnett said the commission is working closely with the St. Catherine’s Island Foundation — a private conservation group in Midway — on all suppression efforts.

Public access to the island is prohibited, according to the foundation.