CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — WSAV is the only TV station that obtained video of a heated exchange between Quinton Simon’s grandmother and his babysitter. 

The 20-month-old Quinton has not been seen since the morning of Oct. 5. Quinton was last seen at the home where he lived with his mother, her boyfriend, siblings and grandparent on Burkhalter Road in west Chatham County.

WSAV has been breaking new details in the story since Quinton went missing and WSAV now knows, according to Quinton’s babysitter Diana McCarta, Georgia’s Division of Family & Children Services (DFCS) had an open case involving Quinton.

“This is my baby, not yours,” Quinton’s grandmother Billie Jo Howell is heard saying the video.

His babysitter told WSAV, she talked to DFCS and so did other people in that neighborhood.

The video — which McCarta’s daughter recorded — shows Quinton’s grandmother in Quinton’s babysitter’s house.

Raw video of the exchange between Billie Jo Howell and Diana McCarta.

“Hit me, hit me,” McCarta says in the video. Howell responds, “Do you think I would do that?”

McCarta says Quinton’s grandmother barged through her backdoor mad over the thought of a memorial. 

“You’re awful to say you’re going to put up a memorial,” Howell says. “My baby’s not dead.”   

“I think that she’s trying to take the heat off of them,” McCarta said.

McCarta told WSAV on Tuesday that she had called DFCS about Quinton and his siblings before. 

“Yes, absolutely,” McCarta said when asked if DFCS told her about the active case. 

McCarta isn’t the only neighbor claiming they were concerned about the children in this home. 

“He was running back and forth in front of the house and I was afraid he was gon’ get hit,” a neighbor told WSAV last week. That neighbor didn’t want to show her face on camera and she cried recounting the story.

WSAV called Quinton’s grandmother to get her side of the story but she did not answer her phone.

Since Monday when federal investigators, firefighters and Chatham County Police drained Quinton’s grandparent’s backyard pool, grandmother Billie Jo Howell’s Facebook page had a post asking for help getting that pool fixed. That post has since been deleted.

“I should not have went out of town,” Howell says in the video. McCarta responds, “You’re right.”

But the emotions in the neighborhood haven’t gone anywhere.

“I don’t wanna see this s*** on the news,” a relative was heard saying in the video. 

WSAV learned Tuesday that police believe the evidence they had will lead them to a break in this case. Police obtained cell phone data as well as evidence from Quiton’s grandparents’ home. 

What they took or what that break in the case might be is still unknown.