HARDEEVILLE, SC (WSAV) – The Hardeeville Fire Department is using a Christmas symbol to remind everyone about safety during the season.

The city’s “Keep the Wreath Green” decorates the wreath with green lights. Each time a fire occurs, a red light will be added;

So far in six years, none of the green bulbs have been turned red to mark a house fire.

Hardeeville officials say one of the simplest ways to stay safe is to make sure your lights and cords are in good working order.

“We use them over and over and over again,” said Asst Chief Joey Rowell/Hardeeville Fire Dept: “After continual use of these lights, you want to make sure when you bring them out to put them up you inspect them. make sure there are no frayed wires, that everything is the way it should be.”

Here are a few more tips:

Place candles in stable, non-flammable holders
Never leave burning candles unattended
Use flameless and LED candles for worry-free decorating
If you must leave the kitchen, turn off the stovetop
Keep dishtowels, paper products, potholders, and other flammable items away from stovetops
Clean spills, grease, and crumbs from stovetops before cooking
Set a timer as a reminder to check food on the stove and in the oven
Always stand watch over a turkey fryer
Completely thaw a turkey before frying
Check manufacturer’s directions for proper turkey fryer oil levels
Use turkey fryers outdoors, at least ten feet away from buildings
Never use a turkey fryer under an awning or carport

The wreaths and important holiday safety tips will be on display at all Hardeeville Fire stations through Christmas.