EPA heading to Liberty County after chemical spill

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EPA heading to Liberty County after chemical spill

Stay out of the water. 

That’s the warning from Liberty County officials to people who live near a chemical plant in Riceboro. They say a chemical spilled into local waterways. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is already on its way. The chemical is called methyl chloride. We’re told its similar to propane. 

Late Tuesday night, SNF Chemtall says it found the chemical in the plant’s discharge water while it was doing routine sampling. It spilled into the Riceboro Creek. 

The EPA says it will take upstream and downstream waters samples. The Liberty County Health Department says you should not fish, swim or wade in nearby waters. This order is in effect until further notice. 

The order includes areas near the Riceboro Dock (near Highway 17 and Interstate Paper Road), Riceboro Fishing Dock (on Highway 17) and Baptismal Pool (on Barrington Ferry Road). 

As an extra precaution, the chemical plant shut down the incinerator. 

SNF apologizes for any inconvenience.

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