SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Savannah’s Enmarket Arena is slated to open at the start of 2022 with a whole host of performers to break in the new venue. But along with them will bring an influx of traffic in the surrounding areas near the arena.

The city says residents living near the arena will receive traffic alerts ahead of each event and should expect high traffic before and after events.

The two road projects — at Stiles Avenue and Gwinnett Street — and construction of some parking lots will not be completed by the time the arena opens. Attendees will need to reserve parking spots prior to arriving at the arena.

There will also be designated drop-off and pick-up areas for attendees using a ridesharing app, and a free trolley from the Historic District to the arena.

Anyone who parks on a residential street in the surrounding neighborhoods will be towed, the city says.

“The opening of the Enmarket Arena is a huge milestone for our community, but it is also a tremendous change,” Nick Zoller, senior director of the city’s marketing and communications team, said in a press release. “Everyone’s cooperation is necessary to make the transition as smooth as possible until more permanent infrastructure improvements are completed in 2022.”