Elementary school siblings sell lemonade to help children in Africa

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Two Lowcountry elementary school students are hard at work this summer to help children in Africa.

If you are traveling the streets of Beaufort this summer, you might come across the neat little stand called ‘Murphy’s Pucker Up.’

“The cause is great and the lemonade is great so it equals perfect,” said 8-year-old Nate Miller. 

That’s the equation he and his 9-year-old sister, Murphy, came up with after a visitor came to talk at their school.

“The headmaster from their sister school in South Sudan came to speak at Holy Trinity, where they both go to school,” explained their mom, Jodie Miller. “The biggest thing that they took away from his talk about what his students go through is that they have to walk 3 and 4 miles to get clean water before school.”

She said Nate and Murphy could not understand how they fit that walk into their day and how that impacted their lives.

So the two came home and told her they had to do something to help. 

“It’s just really sad that they have to deal with malaria, so we decided to make the business,” Nate said.

While Nate says the recipe is a secret, the mission is loud and clear: “To help kids in South Sudan and for clean water.”

Through a partnership with Lifestraw, their goal is to buy water filtration systems for two schools in Africa each year. 

“It’s about $2,500 dollars for five of these systems, and each one serves 100 people, so we figure most schools are between 3 and 500 people,” Miller said.

While Murphy wasn’t able to be there Friday, the crew launched their lemonade on the lunch menu at Breakwater Restaurant in Beaufort. Breakwater not only donates the ingredients, they are also giving 100 percent of the proceeds to helps the Miller’s reach their goal.

They have raised about half of the money for their first school, their sister school, Good Shepherd Academy in Jube, South Sudan. 

The lemonade stand will make appearances at different events in the coming months. You can also make donations on here

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