RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WSAV) – Dream Finders homeowner Heather Hoyt thought she found her dream home in July of 2022, but after living there for over a year, she says it’s been a nightmare, citing a long list of foundational issues that she says have been plaguing her since before she even moved in.

“I have a list of 77 some items with just interior issues,” says Hoyt.

Hoyt lives in the Dream Finders neighborhood called Waterways, in the Village Center area.

She says shortly before moving in, she inspected her home several times to find several foundational problems that, to this day, are not fixed, despite being in contact with Dream Finders.

“Our electrical box doesn’t work; our doorbell doesn’t work; our cabinets are pulling away from the walls; tile are popping off,” says Hoyt.

She says her biggest concern is the soil erosion she discovered in her backyard when moved in, which she says was addressed in March of 2023, but has still not been fixed.

“They flattened out the dirt, put new sod in, fixed some new irrigation lines, put some gutters up, but they haven’t addressed the soil compaction below the surface. You can still stick a pole in, it will go at least 4 ft. down,” she says.

Eroded soil isn’t just allegedly affecting Hoyt’s property, she says it also affects those of her four other neighbors, and that they’ve taken their concerns to Dream Finders.

“As residents, as homeowners, that’s our biggest concern,” says Holt, “because even if the interior is fixed, if the soil is not properly compacted, it affects the foundation. It will continue to affect the inside.”

Hoyt says she and her neighbors have filed complaints with the attorneys general in Georgia and Florida, where Dream Finders is based, and tells News 3 that Dream Finders has denied them access to reports on their properties that should contain information on the erosion.

“We would like to see them step up and take care of what they need to take care of rather than washing their hands of it and leaving us the choice of going to court with it knowing we have to go to arbitration which would financially exhaust us,” says Hoyt.

News 3 has reached out to Dream Finders for comment, and we have not yet received a response.