‘Downtown Savannah 2033’ master plan unveiled to council

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – What will Savannah look like over the next decade? City leaders are already getting a snapshot view in their ‘Downtown Savannah Master Plan for 2033’ plan.

The Savannah Development and Renewal Authority (SDRA) devised this plan with the help of the city and also people here in the community. It appears most of the city council is already on board with the vision.

The SDRA worked over the past year and a half on the city’s vision for Savannah. The plan would expand downtown to the East and West, and inject Savannah’s signature, a beautiful public space design into more neighborhoods.

The plan would connect all the beauty with more active transportation, including biking trails. It would prioritize the quality of life, leaders say, over the time it takes you to get around town.

The West Downtown Expansion would include the removal of the old Civic Center, removal of the I-16 flyover ramp, and make improvements to Kayton/Frazier Homes.

To the east, the plan adds new public spaces along Waters Avenue and improvements to Atlantic Avenue.

The city would also focus on the Mid-City community.

Leaders are already taking steps to move the city toward the adoption of the New Zo Ordinance next month that will protect property owners, and a million dollars allocated to Tide to Town, a bike trail system.

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