Donated mobile shower unit makes showers available to people in need

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Old Savannah City Mission, the city of Savannah, and other local organizations are stepping up to help people in need.

Before the public health emergency, Old Savannah City Mission was offering two showers a day and housing up to 40 people, but the spread of COVID-19 made them have to suspend their essential services. With the help of city officials and a donation of a mobile showering unit, they are now offering showers and clean clothes to people in need.

The shelter’s Director of Development described the response from the first person who used the mobile unit on Tuesday: “He stepped out of the building and you would’ve thought…somebody had just told him he had won millions of dollars. He was so happy, so elated to have been able to take a shower. Something so simple that we take for granted every day.”

The mobile unit has 6 full showers outfitted with benches, hot water, hand held shower heads, and sinks. It also has a washer and dryer unit to clean towels. The mobile unit operates utility-free, powered by a generator. Compassion Christian Church donated the mobile unit. They originally used it to help people impacted by Hurricane Katrina. The mobile showers can function with or without utilities and use a tank-less instant water heater to produce 12 gallons of hot water per minute.

Old Savannah City Mission staff are asking people in the community to come together to provide for people who don’t have access to fulfill basic needs like taking a shower.

“Serve those who are in need. If it means, it does not necessarily mean that you have to be down here physically to serve them, but send your financial support so that we who are on the front lines can provide the service,” Old Savannah City Mission’s Director of Development, Connell Stiles, stated.

The mobile shower unit will be open Monday through Saturday from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. outside the Old Savannah City Mission building on 2414 Bull Street. Staff is working to make the last half hour available to women, as of right now the mobile shower unit is only available for men.

Stiles said the shelter is hoping to reopen their shelter by the end of May. If you would like to offer your help via a donation you can click HERE or call (912)-232-1979.

Savannah’s city leaders are also continuing their efforts to help people who are homeless. On Monday, city officials and community members plan to set up a camp site available to people who need shelter. Dundee Street will be used as the camp space for people to wash their hands, take showers, receive meals, and get tents. Click here to learn more.

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