Dogs found tethered, raises awareness

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Three dogs were found chained and abandoned during a community clean up in West Savannah. This case is now being used to raise awareness about animal welfare.

Mayor Eddie Deloach was participating in the cleanup on Sunday when he made the shocking discovery. He immediately contacted the police.

“In this case, there was no owner but we ended up seizing those three dogs,” Dr. Jake Harper, Director of Chatham County Animal Services says.

Dr. Jake Harper, says the dogs were being tethered which is the practice of tying up an animal to restrict its movement. Harper says it can cause bodily harm.

“They were skinny. They were outside and apparently there was no food or water there,” Harper says.”

He says in most cases they have a conversation with the owners to educate he/she about tethering. But in this case, the owner was nowhere to be found.

“Basically the ordinance against tethering. You can’t tether a dog to a stationary object,” Dr. Harper said. “There was some question about who the owner was, were they being taken care of, did someone find them and tether them to keep them there. You don’t really know in that situation.”

According to Harper, the owner eventually came forward and was cited for tethering and for not having the proper tags or shots. He says this case is an example of the education that some owners in Chatham County need.

“There needs to be a bare minimum. And I think that’s where we’re trying to get. At least get that bare minimum and increase that a bit. So we can increase animal welfare in the county.,” he said.

The dogs are back in the owner’s custody while awaiting a court date. Animal services say they will continue to perform welfare checks to ensure the dogs are properly cared for.

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