RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WSAV) – Margaret Schulz’ husband was walking her dog Meila when it was attacked by a loose pit bull. The dog later died in Margaret’s arms on the way to the animal hospital.

Now, she’s concerned about the dog leash laws in Richmond Hill.

“She was my little support doggie, and now she is gone,” said Schulz, a retired US Army captain that suffers from PTSD.

Meila, who she referred to as her “snuggle buddy,” helped ease her symptoms.

Despite being taken by animal control just after the attack, the pit bull was returned to its owner the next day.

A report from Bryan County Animal Control says the pit bull must go through a 10-day at-home confinement period. However, the report does not mention any added punishment if another attack happens.

Schulz feels what happened to her dog wasn’t taken seriously.

“I feel let down. I feel like the people in this city are being let down because nobody is following up on these things,” said Schulz.

Richmond Hill has a law requiring dogs to be put on a leash, or contained. However, the punishment wasn’t outlined for dog owners that do not follow the rules.

Schulz hopes that the owner of the pit bull puts the dog down, to stop this from happening again.