SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – If you are new to Savannah, you might be surprised to find some locations and street names are pronounced a little differently than expected. Here are some places you might be pronouncing wrong if you’re not a native to the area.

Chatham County

This is a big one. At first glance, one might assume it’s “Chath-am” but that would be incorrect. Instead, you want to say “Chat-um” or “Chaddum” to say it correctly.

Forsyth Park

Unlike the city near Macon, the “Forsyth” in “Forsyth Park” puts the emphasis on the beginning part of the word, not the latter. Instead of saying “for-SYTH,” like you might be used to if you’re from the heart of Georgia, “FOR-syth” is how you want to say it. Whatever you do, don’t pronounce it “for-sith.”


While many may think to pronounce it as “White-marsh,” technically the correct pronunciation is “whit-marsh.” This pronunciation drops the “e” entirely.

There is some debate whether the same goes for Whitefield Avenue.

Houston Street

Don’t pronounce this street like the city in Texas if you want to sound like you know what you’re talking about. Instead of “Hues-ton,” you’ll want to say “House-ton” for this one. It may take a little getting used to if you’re not from Georgia.

Maupas Avenue

This one would be confusing for anyone who doesn’t know French, which is the language the name originates from. The easiest way to remember it is to think of it as “Maw-paw” instead of how it’s spelled.

Broughton Street

While it may seem straightforward to Savannah natives, the pronunciation of this street has been the downfall for many a traveler. It is not pronounced “Brow-ton Street” but instead it is “Brah-ton Street” with an “ah” sound.

Habersham Street

There is no shame in being fooled by this street. It is not pronounced the way a newbie might assume. Instead of saying “sham” at the end, say “shum.”

Barnard Street

The pronunciation for this street is not at all pronounced like the dog breed of a similar name. Instead of pronouncing it as “ber-nard” or “bar-nard,” you’ll want to say “BAR-nerd.”