Disaster relief bill heading to President Trump’s desk for signature

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – It’s a bill directed to help victims of natural disasters recover.

The Disaster Relief Bill has passed and is heading for the President’s Desk for his signature.

It’s been several months since Hurricane Michael damaged parts of Southwest Georgia and Congressmen from both sides of the aisle say this relief is long overdue.

“It’s certainly taken long enough to get to this point. It should have never taken this long,  but unfortunately it has. Relief is on the way so that is the good news,” said Georgia Congressman Buddy Carter.

The bill secured $19 billion dollars for those impacted by natural disasters including those in Georgia.

“This is two fold. First of all for us in the First Congressional District, there is money in there for our blueberry farmers. Blueberries are the number one fruit in the state of Georgia now and now it’s a billion dollar industry in the first congressional district. It’s an integral part of our economy. For some counties, the blueberries make up 35% of the bank’s portfolio. Therefore, if the blueberries go, the bank goes and if the bank goes, the community goes and that’s why it’s so vitally important,” said Carter.

South Carolina Congressman Joe Cunningham says the impact of the funds stretch into the Palmetto State.

“I’m thrilled that it’s going forward and obviously we have passed some before in the senate and passed another version of it, and we’re just thrilled to get this bill to the President’s desk. It’s over 19 billion in supplemental disaster funds in response to damages caused by hurricanes, wild fires, floods and earthquakes and here in the low country we know all too well how important such funds can be when natural disaster strikes,” said South Carolina Congressman Joe Cunningham.

The bill officially known as the Disaster Supplemental Appropriations Act has been approved by both chambers of Congress but it’s unclear when the president will sign it.

The legislation also includes more than $3 billion dollars for emergency assistance for hurricanes, tornadoes and other severe weather patterns.

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