GEORGIA (WSAV) — One in seven jobs in the state of Georgia are in the agriculture field. The USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) is spreading the word about how to be prepared before, during, and after hurricanes, droughts, and natural disasters.

“It is literally the top economic driver in the state,” said Arthur Tripp, the FSA state executive director. “So agriculture makes sense in Georgia. And we have to do everything we can to help to contribute and promote and support all of our producers across the state.”

With climate change and the beginning of hurricane season, there is a constant natural disaster risk as far as farming is concerned. The USDA’s farm service agency wants to make sure its agricultural producers and industry stakeholders are well prepared for the event. They are outlining different programs and resources that are available if necessary.

“FSA, the Farm Service Agency, one of the main things we do is we help producers with disaster assistance,” Tripp said. “Last year alone we obligated over $1.3 billion in the state of Georgia, and that’s a billion with a B.”

With over $1 billion obligated last year, the FSA is looking to keep supporting agriculture in Georgia.

On Thursday July 28, they are asking those in the field to take part in a free virtual event that will offer disaster aid and tips on recovering in the aftermath. 

“You know what documents you need, receipts, invoices, what work has been done,” Tripp said. “You know what files do you need to help expedite a process in the event that a natural disaster occurs. You may have a tool belt, but know what tools are in it so you can use it.”

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