SAVANNAH, GA (WSAV) – Peach Cobbler Factory opens its location on Barnard Street on Friday morning.

The dessert shop will be serving a variety of cobblers including cinnamon peach praline, apple walnut raisin and strawberry, as well as the classic peach. There will also be ice cream and cinnamon rolls available.

Along with her husband, Amy Baker runs the dessert spot and is excited to be finally opening after COVID and other related setbacks pushed the opening date from mid-November to January.

“We thought that we would be ready and then we would hit another roadblock,” Baker said.

These COVID-related issues include long wait times for deliveries and an inability to find contractors due to low staffing. Baker said that she ordered two ovens for the store and while she received the first, there is a 30-week wait time for the second.

“There’s things that we had to order a month ago that we just got yesterday,” Baker said.

Another struggle? Moving a dessert shop into a historic building.

“Opening in a historic building had a few more challenges expected at the beginning, updating electrical and plumbing and those kind of things,” Baker said.

Still, she is ready to start serving the residents of Savannah the desserts that Peach Cobbler Factory has to offer.

The recipes for the cobblers come from the family of the founders of the franchise, Tammi Edgerton and her husband Juan Edgerton. The couple who opened the first location started out serving their cobblers at a farmer’s market in Nashville.

Baker and her husband are the first franchisees of the Peach Cobbler Factory in Georgia, but more are following. There is a new location set to open soon in Atlanta.

Baker said she hopes to open more locations in Savannah, Pooler and Richmond Hill. She wants to make sure that locals don’t have to drive all the way downtown to get some of their own cobbler and cinnamon rolls.

Not only is she ready to invest more time into the Savannah community by opening more dessert shops, she is also hoping to invest in the community financially.

“We want to make sure that our dollars are going back to Savannah,” Baker said.

She and her husband hope to soon be able to give back by giving to local sports teams and other organizations.