SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) — Holiday travel has been difficult for those wishing to catch a flight this holiday season.

Travelers across the country have grown frustrated after multiple airlines have been forced to delay and cancel thousands of flights. In our area, it is no different.

Holiday travel has been a struggle for many passengers at Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport.

Mike Putrino says countless delays and TSA closing made him miss his flight.

“The flight kept getting canceled, or I’m sorry postponed time and time again. And, by the time we got here, no one notified us that the TSA closed at 8:30,” Putrino said.

He and his family were supposed to fly home to New York early Christmas day, but after multiple delays and cancellations, they will not get home until late Tuesday night.

Putrino said, “So now we are two days out and hopefully this one doesn’t does not get postponed or canceled.”

Another traveler, Alexandra Lawson from San Diego says she was supposed to leave early Monday afternoon, but problems with Southwest caused cancellations and delays nationwide.

“And then while we were waiting in line to check our bags they got canceled, and then we were on the app wasn’t even working either for Southwest, we were trying to reschedule our flights for the day and it just wouldn’t do it, so they said you had to wait in line to get to a ticket person to be able to do that, so we were just waiting in this very long line. We looked back and it had to be an hour-long wait of people”. Lawson said.

Lawson’s returning flight will land late Tuesday evening.

Lawson said, “I mean it’s very upsetting because you know I have things to get back for. I had to move out of my apartment in California, how can I do that from here.”

Airport officials say you should always monitor your airline’s mobile app and website for information regarding your flight.