STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) — The fate of Marcus Wilson now rests in the hands of 12 jurors, after defense attorneys rested their case on Monday afternoon.

Wilson is charged with felony murder and aggravated assault in the shooting death of 17-year-old Haley Hutcheson in June 2020. Wilson’s attorneys are trying to argue he fired at the truck carrying Hutcheson in self-defense.

The defense team called 15 witnesses in total. Wilson himself chose not to testify on Monday.

Emma Rigdon, Wilson’s girlfriend at the time of the incident, testified about her experience in the car with Wilson the evening of the incident.

In her testimony, Rigdon described seeing a truck full of men hanging out the windows, who she thought was drunk. Rigdon said she recalled only seeing men and that they were giving her and Wilson the middle finger.

Rigdon went on to say the truck started swerving into their lane and Wilson’s car was on rumble strips, which is when he fired at the ground in an attempt to get the driver to stop, according to testimony.

“Isn’t it true when Marc pulled out a gun you went ‘no, no, no,?’ Assistant District Attorney Barclay Black asked. “Now, please, read that transcript and tell me what your answer is.”

“I read it and yes,” Rigdon said. “I was in a scary situation I did not know what the truck was actually going to do.”

Black: “And you wanted him to put that gun away, didn’t you?”

Rigdon: “I wanted the situation to go away.”

Rigdon also testified she heard a loud noise near the back end of Wilson’s car.

“I don’t know exactly what it was,” she said. “I do remember it being very loud and it was almost around like the back tire, in that area of the car is kind of what I imagined it.”

When asked by defense attorney Martha Hall if she told detectives, Rigdon said, “it could’ve been them throwing something, it could’ve possibly been a gunshot, it could’ve… I don’t know.”

During cross-examination with prosecutors, Rigdon said she didn’t see any of the truck’s passengers holding guns or hear them yell racial slurs.

Wilson’s parents also testified about when they found out about the incident, which they said was two days after it happened.

“I knew that we would have to do everything in our power for him to get justice from what he had told us had happened to him because it would never be seen that it could’ve been him that died that night and not the other way around,” Wilson’s mother, Amanda, said.

Defense attorneys also called four residents of Claxton to testify about Luke Conley’s reputation, who was riding in the front seat of the truck. All said he has a bad reputation. Conley then pled the Fifth Amendment for the third time.

The court also issued a citation to Mason Glisson, the driver of the truck, after it was discovered he posted on Facebook about his testimony. He is scheduled to appear in court in October.

Closing arguments are set to begin at 8 a.m. on Tuesday.