Video: United Cajun Navy expands search for 3 missing boaters

BRUNSWICK, Ga. (WSAV) – It’s been over a month since three boaters went missing off the coast of Brunswick. There were no signs of them until a discovery was made on Sunday.

According to the United Cajun Navy, a nonprofit that provides search and rescue operations, debris found off the coast of St. Augustine, Florida, came from the boat that Dalton Conway, Caleb Wilkinson and Tyler Barlow were on board when they went missing in October.

Three missing Brunswick fishermen
Tyler Barlow, Caleb Wilkinson and Dalton Conway photos courtesy of Kimberly Cardounel and Misty Valentine’s GoFundMe

The boat’s owner confirmed that a fish box and buoy balls found 16 miles from St. Augustine’s coast belonged on the Carol Ann, the Cajun Navy said.

“So, so, so hopeful that our boys are out there and that we’re so close to rescuing and finding them and God bringing them home,” Barlow’s mother Kim Jones told First Coast News.

According to the Cajun Navy, the search for the Carol Ann resumed Tuesday morning with two airplanes, a helicopter, volunteer boaters, beach walkers and the U.S. Coast Guard.