CSX to close Rincon railroad crossing, block subdivision entrance and exit

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RINCON, Ga (WSAV) – Rincon residents are concerned about a major inconvenience and possible safety issue after hearing the only entrance to their subdivision will be blocked for several hours.

CSX will be closing the railroad crossing at West 15th on Thursday, March 5th from 2 p.m. until Friday, March 6th at 6 a.m. CSX says those times and dates are still tentative and subject to change.

The city has arranged for a shuttle inside the neighborhood to take people returning from work or school back to their homes. Rincon officials are also encouraging residents to carpool to cut down on the parking situation outside of the subdivision.

A police officer and fire equipment will remain inside the neighborhood during those hours. Also, EMS has been alerted to the situation, and there is a plan in place to handle emergency medical issues.

Two retirees told News 3 that their husbands have heart problems, and they worry about their health.

“You know, somebody could have a heart attack or fall or have another injury that would require professional help instead of you being able to take care of it,” said Sandra Phillips.

Phillips and Sandra Hansen said they have been asking officials to take care of this need for a second entrance/exit for five years.

A city ordinance in Section 90-62 requires a subdivision consisting of more than 75 lots to have a second permanent, publicly approved entrance/exit. A Rincon spokesperson told News 3, this Picket Fences subdivision was grandfathered in and the ordinance was created after to prevent this type of situation from happening elsewhere.

“I’m thinking about getting in touch with Governor Kemp because somebody has to do something about this. It’s not a safe situation. If we would have a train derail, we would be stuck here for who knows how long,” said Phillips.

Gena Sullivan, the Public Information Officer for Effingham County, said city officials are aware of the problem and speaking with landowners about solving it.

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