SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – From the beaches on Tybee Island to the streets of Downtown Savannah, businesses across the coastal empire are raking in the money this holiday weekend.

“Today, this weekend here we’ve been great. We had to gear back the door a little bit because of the short staff we have, I think everyone here in Savannah and probably worldwide, US-wide is really hurting for employees but you know, other than that we’re doing phenomenal,” said Chris Emerick, Owner of Two Cracked Eggs in Savannah.

On Tybee Island, traffic patterns were implemented early, meaning traffic on and off the island saw some delays throughout the day. That didn’t stop anyone from eating out and spending a little extra money this weekend.

“To be honest it’s busier than I expected it to be, but it’s been like that kinda all summer,” said Alicia Fitzpatrick, Bartender at Chamacos Tacos & Surf. “It’s been busier than I’ve seen in the last couple of years so, it’s been fun.”

Even though many local businesses continue to deal with short-staffing issues left over from the pandemic, they’re finding ways to adapt and get by.

According to my IT guy were up about 12 percent from last year, which is great. I mean, we’re doing phenomenal. I mean, this weekend was unbelievable. You see the lines, I mean you see inside, we have two hour waits to get in, which is great,” said Emerick.