SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Community members are raising awareness for missing and exploited children in Georgia.

A “Save the Children” march started at noon at Johnson Square. Supporters of all ages then made their way to City Hall with signs.

Organizers say this is an overlooked issue that needs to be brought to light.

“This is a message that resonates across platforms. It’s not a white, black, rich or poor issue. It’s an issue that not only everyone cares about, but can get behind,” explains rally organizer, Dominic Box.

Among the participants were survivors of sexual trafficking who used their personal experience to bring awareness to the issue.

“I am a survivor of sexual trafficking. I have witnessed this for three years and seen young children be trafficked. We are out here today supporting all the children who have had their childhood taken from them,” says rally participant, Ashley Barras.

The Center for Public Policy Studies reports that 374 girls are commercially sexually exploited each month in the state of Georgia.