SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Some of the finds from the Savannah River dredging project have been quite mind-blowing, like the 17 canons from the mid-1700s now on the way to Texas for conservation. However, dredgers found something even more explosive last week.

On Jan. 25, the Savannah Police Department(SPD) Bomb Squad and a US Marines explosive team were called to the entrance channel to the Savannah River after a boat, dredging the bottom of the river, found what appeared to be a bomb.

The Savannah office of the US Army Corps of Engineers says the “unexploded ordinance” was loaded onto the boat and then escorted by the Coast Guard to the Marine Corps’ Coastal Projects office.

The device was loaded into a safe vehicle where it was taken away.

Authorities haven’t said exactly what it was that was pulled from the river, only that it was determined to be from the military and appeared to be unused.

The device remains in the Marine Corps’ possession.